5 Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery
Surgery today differs significantly from the procedures used several decades ago when open surgery was the only option. Previously, following traditional surgery for a hernia, colon cancer, or gallbladder disease, patients knew they would have a large incision, an expensive hospital stay, and a lengthy recovery. Today, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is a viable alternative...
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laparoscopic colon surgery
Have you recently been told that you need colon surgery? You are probably weighing your options between traditional colon surgery or laparoscopic colon surgery. Learn about the many benefits of laparoscopic colon surgery, like faster recoveries, lesser risk of infection, and more. Colon surgery, also known as a colectomy, is a surgery that removes all...
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chirurgia laparoscopica
La Chirurgia Laparoscopica è una metodica che utilizza degli strumenti centimetrici per affrontare le patologie sia benigne che maligne dell’addome. La patologia più frequentemente trattata è la calcolosi della colecisti seguita dall’appendicectomia e dalla chirurgia colorettale.
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Prof. Francesco Sammartino

Il Prof Francesco Sammartino è specialista in chirurgia Generale e Mininvasiva e si occupa della chirurgia  delle malattie dell’apparato gastroenterico.